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Girl Tattoos Sexy

Girl Tattoos SexyGirl Tattoos Sexy

Tattoos are more and more associated with fashion and now appears on all body parts. Tattoos are now considered very sexy, feminine, sensual and provocative. It is no longer just for male but women of all walks of life embrace it more and more, especially the artists and actresses. Pin up girl tattoos, girl back tattoos, sexy girl tattoos, biker girl tattoos are just some of the kind of tattoos available for women. It is a fashion statement that appears on female's shoulders, stomach, neck, back, legs and ankles, also found on more private body parts. The trend is growing at a fast rate. Why women do tattoo themselves? It is a need to express their personality and embellish a body part and most women would tell you that it is an art. What does tattooing consist of? What is the technique used? What are the health precautions to take? Tattooing is a technique ancestral used thousands of years ago. In those days getting tattoos meant being part of a tribe, or religion, like pirates with their skeleton image tattoo. Tattoos are made of ink that resides under the skin; tattoos don't get old because of the placement of the pigments between the derma and the epidermis. Tattoos are made with a dermograph, a tool that vibrates on needles filled with ink colors, these needles puncture the skin at a dept of 1 to 2 millimeter. The puncture skin can get infected if a lack of hygiene is present. Tattoos parlors must maintain a high standard of hygiene, all tools must be sterilized, the working hands must be also well cleaned with antiseptic substances, and the shop must be disinfected every day. Every shop must possess an autoclave, autoclave sterilizes materials with pressurized steam at an extremely high temperatures. All needles are new and disposed of after use.

Chinese character tattoo design

Chinese character tattoo

Chinese character tattooChinese character tattoo

This free tattoo design is a distortion of a Chinese character, which means "quiet". A Chinese character or Han character is a logogram used in writing Chinese, Japanese, sometimes Korean, and formerly Vietnamese. It is now very common to use Chinese characters in tattoos on the back and on the leg.

Chinese character tattoos designs

Chinese character tattoos designs Chinese character tattoos designs

Chinese character tattoos designs Chinese character tattoos designs

To people who are attracted to Chinese characters and are thinking of getting one, some careful steps must be taken. There have been cases where tattoo artists have been caught writing foul or silly slogans, inaccurately-translated characters, or pseudo-Chinese gibberish on their clients, who are unaware of the actual meaning of the Chinese characters.

Chinese character (in addition to Japanese kana) tattoos are commonly found on mixed martial artists who are familiar with Asian martial arts. Chuck Liddell, a former UFC champion, tattooed his scalp to read Koei-Kan or "house of happiness and prosperity"[2], the style of karate he trained in. Georges St. Pierre, another UFC champion as well as a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and karate, has the kanji word for "jujutsu" on his chest. Jeff Monson has the characters for "Hero" on his upper back.

Chinese Character Tattoos - Get a Good Chinese Translation First

Chinese Character Tattoos - Get a Good Chinese Translation FirstChinese Character Tattoos - Get a Good Chinese Translation First

Chinese Character Tattoos - Get a Good Chinese Translation FirstChinese Character Tattoos - Get a Good Chinese Translation First

Chinese character tattoos are very unique. Chinese calligraphy is very pleasing to the eye. Chinese character tattoos get extra attention. When someone sees your tattoo they will undoubtedly have to ask you what it means. Then you not only give them the translation but explain why you got it. The last thing you want is a native speaking Chinese to come up to you and tell you that you have an incorrect tattoo. Here is how you avoid that.First decide what phrase or word you want to have inked. Don't rely on what the symbol looks like because the first one you see may be drawn wrong. You can't change up a Chinese character tattoo a little bit to make it look like you want it as you would a traditional tattoo. If you do that, you may change the whole meaning of the phrase.Do a lot of research before having your image inked. I would suggest using a professional translator so you are guaranteed a correct tattoo. Don't just go to any website that says they have Chinese character tattoos. Then make sure you have an artist who specializes in Chinese character tattoos. It can be very easy to make an error while drawing the design and you don't want to have an incorrect tattoo and say something other than intended.Ask a native Chinese speaker about all of the denotations and connotations of the specific characters chosen. Then verify that the characters are genuinely Chinese and perhaps even ask about which type of font should be used. Go online to a good tattoo gallery and look at the different types of fonts available for the design.Take your time, check and recheck everything before you go under the needle. Of all tattoo designs, Chinese character tattoos and other foreign language designs, you need to be 200% comfortable that you have all your questions answered and are getting what you think you are getting.

History of Chinese Character Tattoos

History of Chinese Character TattoosHistory of Chinese Character Tattoos

Given the current popularity of Chinese tattoos you might be surprised to learn that for a long time tattooing in China was regarded as a 'bad' thing. The reason for this is because it violates the body. In fact the literal translation of the chinese words for tattooing, "Ci Shen", is "to puncture the body”. Westerners may find it hard to understand this concept but it is very deep in our culture.

2010 Trends Angels Tattoo Girls

Angels Tattoo Girls

Peaches Trend Tattoo Girls

Peaches Tattoo Girls

Dandelion Trend Tattoo Girls 2010

Dandelion Tattoo Girls

Sexy girls tattoo pictures design

Sexy girls tattoo pictures designSexy Butterfly tattoos design
Sexy girls tattoo pictures designFlower and Bird pictures tattoo

chest tattoos for girls

girls tattoos on chest tattoos consists of flame tattoos and twin swallow tattoo
swallow tattoo part of bisd tattoo

Most Beautfiul Form of Body Art - Tattoo Designs

If you are serious about getting your skin imprinted with a permanent tattoo, it is important that you select just the right kind of tattoo design for yourself, one that fulfills the following very important requirements.

The tattoos design that you select should be - exactly and only - the one that you were looking for. See that you do not compromise on the shape, size and pattern of the tattoo design, due to any reason at all, for then you are bound to regret getting it done in the first place.

Apart from the pattern of the tattoo design, the colors and hues that you want your tattoo to display should also be the ones of your choice, and preferably ones that suit your skin tone.

It is extremely important that you remember the main reason behind getting the tattoo, and hence, also see that the tattoo design you select portrays the emotions behind it correctly. If it is for mere fashion, you could choose a trendy tribal tattoo design, or a symbolic and stunningly exquisite butterfly tattoo design.

Other than the requirements of the tattoo design that you choose, there are some that you as a purchaser need to consider, while looking for the perfect one. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

First, see that you look through all the available tattoo designs based on your chosen concept, present in various galleries on the internet, or with professional tattoo artists, and only then make your choice. If you want to bear a unique tattoo design, you could ask an artist to create one for you. Also keep in mind where exactly you you’re your tattoo to be situated on your body, and pick accordingly. Remember to keep the budget in mind too.

Next, you ought to find just the right tattoo artist, who will imprint the design onto your skin. You need to be careful while choosing one; see that he or she is a legitimate and expert flash artist.

Make sure that the needles and instruments used by the artist are sterile, you don’t want to end up with any kind of troubles due to it.

Once you have had your spectacular flash art inked into your skin, you will be ready to show it off to jealous viewers, and look gorgeous altogether. However, do remember to be absolutely certain that you want the tattoo, first of all, and also of the design that you select, for the simple reason that if you regret it later, the process of removal will not only be painful, but also very expensive. So choose wisely.

Poker tattoos for girls

Poker tattoos for girls match for sexy girls tattoos on full body tattoo.

Sun tattoos on ankle for girls

sun tattoo

Sun tattoos on ankle, this designs tattoo looks cute for smart women

girls neck tattoo front

faith will conguers tattoo font on neck girls